How Does ChowMatch Enterprise Application Work?


When a business such as a restaurant, grocery store, caterer, bakery, farm, or corporation has surplus food to donate, they submit a request for a food pickup using the ChowMatch application. Using our matching logic technology, ChowMatch locates a matching recipient organization within seconds. The ChowMatch application also assigns an available Driver to pick up the food and deliver to a recipient agency.


Features (Enterprise Edition)

  • Matching Logic Technology to find best recipient match for the food
  • Donor Registration Signup & Contracts
  • Agency (Recipient Organization) Signup
  • Platform for Training Drivers on Safe Food Handling
  • Tools for Managing Drivers, including Volunteers, Staff or Hired-Drivers
  • Dispatcher-free options for Food Matching and assignment of Driver
  • Tools for managing Recipient/Agency feeding programs and needs
  • Donation Reports for Tax purposes
  • Volunteer Reports for Tax purposes
  • Administrative Reports
  • API Support for Inventory Systems, DoorDash, Salesforce, and others
  • and much more


Supported Platforms

  • IOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • OS X


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